Welcome to the Koster Foundation!

The islands North- and South-Koster are situated at the northern end of the Swedish westcoast. They are part of the first Swedish marine national park Kosterhavet, which will be inaugurated on September 9th 2009. The main focus of Kosterhavet national park is the extraordinary underwater world with its high number of rare species. But even the land masses of the main islands and the surrounding archipelago show a high biodiversity.

Since 2006 the Koster Foundation (Kosterstiftelsen) has prepared for the prospective national park. Nearly 20 parttime workers restore historic grazing landscapes, take care of about 100 foundation owned sheep, clean up the shoreline etc. We mostly work according to the conservation plan which was set in action by the environmental state department. Apart from our conservation responsibilities we also carry out small private jobs such as felling trees.

Do you need further information about the Koster Foundation? Please contact us at kosterstiftelsen@telia.se

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